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Seepsula is the leading supplier of and expert in rock materials in the Helsinki region. The family-owned company, established in 1970, is 100% Finnish.

“Actire provides our parent company and our subsidiaries with comprehensive and reliable financial administration services. The transition to the Netvisor system was in Actire’s competent hands. Now, we are able to monitor our financial development, independent of the time and place.”

ALA Architects

ALA Architects is an ambitious and global architecture firm. Its best-known projects are the Kilden Performing Arts Centre in Norway and the Helsinki Central Library Oodi in Finland. “Actire’s strengths include its dedicated contact persons, its broad expertise and its thoroughness. Starting to use the Incomes Register and Netvisor was easy for our company of 50 people. ALA is now able to focus on its key business, knowing that Actire is a true professional in its own field.”

Hoist Group

Hoist Group is the complete hospitality partner for hotels and public operations. With HQ in Sweden, the company has offices in 18 countries across the EMEA region.

“Hoist Group in Finland is pleased to have a flexible partner who recognizes our group bound reporting deadlines and has the knowhow of local accounting and tax rules. The implementation of the online system Netvisor through and with Actire elevated our partnership towards more streamlined processing and even more efficient accounting.”



During almost 150 years, Bukowskis has offered quality auctions to sellers
and buyers around the world. We are the leading auction house for Fine Art on the Nordic Market,
and we have the highest average prices on the market.

“Actire is a competent and flexible partner for our Finnish subsidiary. Most of all we appreciate
that we always receive service in our own language, but also broad knowledge of local rules for
Annual Reports and taxes. We obtain both quality accounting and proactive advice.”

UAR Finland Oy

UAR Finland Oy offers customised driver training for individuals and groups. UAR Finland has driver training tracks in Vantaa and Nummela.

“Using cost center calculation, we can monitor the profitability of our tracks in real time. This makes our decision-making processes more effective. A dedicated specialist, who understands the special characteristics of our business activities, takes care of our accounting processes. Actire’s fixed monthly charge makes it easier to budget our overall expenses.”

Modalstone Oy

Modalstone Oy, Suomen Varastot based in Pitäjänmäki, Helsinki, leases out warehouses approved by insurance companies. All storage spaces are lit, heated and protected.

“Actire automated our invoicing processes. Now, the Netvisor financial administration system automatically sends our outgoing invoices every month. In addition, up-to-date financial administration makes it easy to monitor incoming payments. Actire made the transition to the Netvisor system smooth, and it also provided us with the necessary user training.”

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