Payroll accounting may consume a large amount of your company’s valuable resources if payroll functions are complicated. We take care of any payroll-related bureaucracy and official notifications on your behalf, so that you can save valuable time. Becoming our customer is a smooth and easy process. We provide your company with all the instructions you need to transfer your payroll accounting. After this, you can make use not only of the accounting service, but also of electronic financial administration.

Stages in payroll accounting

Online work time tracking enables salaries to be approved and paid in electronic format. Payroll accounting could proceed as follows:

  1. Employees register their working hours in an electronic system.
  2. Supervisors check and approve working hours.
  3. Actire calculates salaries.
  4. Supervisors approve salaries.
  5. Actire activates the payment of salaries.
  6. Actire sends Incomes Register notifications and takes care of taxes.

Payroll accounting made easy

We make payroll accounting effective by using the Netvisor system. We also take care of Incomes Register notifications – accurately and on time. Payroll information is integrated with financial reporting, which makes the process even smoother.

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