CFO Services

The purpose of our CFO services is to provide your company’s managers with a full understanding of your company’s financial standing. When all information is available in a single place in real time, your company’s owners and managers are able to make better decisions more quickly. You can lead your company driven by financial information, as our specialists help you to get the most out of the Netvisor system.

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Netvisor - A tool for monitoring and forecasting

Netvisor offers excellent opportunities for monitoring finances and forecasting future development. Your company obtains clear and real-time information to support decision-making processes.

Our financial advisory services offer help for various purposes

Financial management tools give you a comprehensive understanding of your company’s financial standing.

Real-time monitoring of cash flows and trade receivables

With Actire’s service, you can monitor your company’s cash flows in real time! This helps you to estimate any need for financing and to reduce the risk of credit losses. Netvisor includes various integrated features, such as OP Laskulaina (financing solution) and Visma Duetto (debt collection).

Budgeting, forecasting and key figures

Netvisor’s Financial Overview service helps you to prepare budgets and to monitor and forecast your company’s key figures. Reports can be customised and presented as images. Your company’s goals are defined in budgets and forecasts. Actire, together with your company’s managers, produces the information you need to monitor your goals.

Cost center calculation

This can be used, for example, in monitoring and reporting related to projects funded by Business Finland. In addition, you can monitor the profitability of different units or business areas.


Netvisor Market Place includes more than 200 integrations. When your company grows, you need tools that make day-to-day activities easier – this helps you to be more effective and makes real-time information available at all company levels. Actire has solid expertise in the deployment of integrations. A dedicated specialist understands your company’s business processes and is able to help you to get the most out of different integrations.

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