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We serve Nordic companies that want to expand to Finnish markets. We help companies that want to expand internationally to comply with Finnish laws and regulations. Our highly competent specialists are able to serve companies aiming to expand to Finnish markets.


In order to enter Finnish markets, foreign companies need information about how to run a business in Finland. In addition, they need information about the local legislation and regulations. The accounting firm needs to be able to handle financial responsibilities and regulations and to explain these to its clients.

How can business activities be started in Finland? What about daily payments, payroll accounting and social expenses? Where do all the necessary forms need to be sent when establishing a local company?

Financial management and finances are always key success factors for expanding companies. We are able to offer just the right service package to meet the specific needs of individual companies and to help companies to enter Finnish markets and stay there.

Actire provides services in English, Swedish and Russia.

What do our internationalisation services for expanding companies include?

  • Steps to establish a local company
  • Financial consulting regarding local laws and regulations
  • Electronic financial administration, including real-time accounting and payroll
  • Other statutory notifications required by the authorities
  • Headquarter reporting
  • Cost center calculation and analysis
  • CFO services


Hoist Group

Hoist Group is the complete hospitality partner for hotels and public operations. With HQ in Sweden, the company has offices in 18 countries across the EMEA region.

“Hoist Group in Finland is pleased to have a flexible partner who recognizes our group bound reporting deadlines and has the knowhow of local accounting and tax rules. The implementation of the online system Netvisor through and with Actire elevated our partnership towards more streamlined processing and even more efficient accounting.”



During almost 150 years, Bukowskis has offered quality auctions to sellers
and buyers around the world. We are the leading auction house for Fine Art on the Nordic Market,
and we have the highest average prices on the market.

“Actire is a competent and flexible partner for our Finnish subsidiary. Most of all we appreciate
that we always receive service in our own language, but also broad knowledge of local rules for
Annual Reports and taxes. We obtain both quality accounting and proactive advice.”

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