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We offer fully electronic and real-time accounting and financial administration services. We integrate different systems to support business processes. Our fixed-price accounting service is customised to meet your company’s specific needs. A dedicated financial specialist understands your company’s background, the special characteristics of your financial administration and any goals you have set for growth, and is available whenever necessary. We focus not only on what is required by laws, we also aim to increase the value of your business activities, together with you.

Automated financial administration saves time

Electronic financial administration saves time and makes the exchange of information and reporting quicker. We store all information in one place. You no longer need to worry about any time-consuming manual steps or checks. Information flows smoothly between different systems and your company’s managers can focus on business development. Why make it difficult, if it can be made fast? Real-time information is a necessity in high-quality and fast-paced decision-making processes.

More effective financial administration

Management by knowledge, more effective processes, real-time information and business control. These are but a few reasons why you should work with us. We focus on providing your company’s decision-makers with real-time information, so that you can make better decisions more quickly. Your processes become more effective and productive, as you need to focus less on routines. Real-time cash flow monitoring supports growth and makes day-to-day processes smoother. If you decide to change your accounting firm, the decision should be based on business reasons. If you are looking for a partner that helps to grow your business by addressing your specific needs, we are the best choice.

Making a transition to electronic financial administration and accounting

Making a transition to electronic financial administration is easy – at any time during the financial period.

Making a transition from papers to an electronic system

  1. Kick-off meeting
    1. Definition of tasks, responsibilities and schedules
    2. Agreement on a transition to Netvisor
    3. Appointment of responsible persons
  2. Transition to Netvisor and user training
    1. Transfer of information by Actire
    2. User training
  3. Netvisor in use, three-month transition stage, during which users are provided with support
  4. Netvisor in use independently

All information transferred reliably

Our specialists help you to reliably transfer all information from your former systems, including account balances, general journals and customer, supplier and product registers. Backup copies of your former systems and all accounting information are transferred directly to the Netvisor system. Everything is done easily in electronic format.

Increased efficiency in automated financial administration

Many companies are already making use of automated financial administration, but not sufficiently in terms of effectiveness. The purpose of automation is to reduce the number of manual data transfer tasks and make working easier, to eliminate any unnecessary saving and work stages, and to keep the number of messages to a minimum. Automation enables real-time monitoring and makes financial management easier.

It is important that the electronic system is used correctly in order to get the most out of it. Otherwise employees will continue to work with the same old routines, and this costs money.


We train your company’s key employees or, if necessary, all of your company’s employees so that they can make use of electronic financial administration and understand reporting.

What does our general Netvisor training package include?

  1. Identification and planning of training needs
  2. Training your employees in the use of the system (mobile scanner, travel expense reports and work time tracking)
  3. Training your company’s key financial employees in using the system and in working effectively

The goal of training is to help your company’s employees to understand how the system works and what it has to offer. After training, your company’s employees will be able to use the system as effectively as possible. You can also purchase customised training from us for specific parts of financial administration, including the rotation of purchase invoices, budgeting, forecasting and much more.



Seepsula is the leading supplier of and expert in rock materials in the Helsinki region. The family-owned company, established in 1970, is 100% Finnish.

“Actire provides our parent company and our subsidiaries with comprehensive and reliable financial administration services. The transition to the Netvisor system was in Actire’s competent hands. Now, we are able to monitor our financial development, independent of the time and place.”

Modalstone Oy

Modalstone Oy, Suomen Varastot based in Pitäjänmäki, Helsinki, leases out warehouses approved by insurance companies. All storage spaces are lit, heated and protected.

“Actire automated our invoicing processes. Now, the Netvisor financial administration system automatically sends our outgoing invoices every month. In addition, up-to-date financial administration makes it easy to monitor incoming payments. Actire made the transition to the Netvisor system smooth, and it also provided us with the necessary user training.”

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